I haven’t always dreamt of being a photographer. I didn’t used to lie awake at night imagining myself to be the next David Bailey. Indeed, as a teen, I couldn’t have told you who Mr Bailey was if you paid me. But I did always have an appreciation for art, and fancied myself as a bit of an artist. The only drawback being that I can’t actually draw to any acceptable standard. A stumbling block for any artist-wannabe, I’m sure you can understand.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that photography even occurred to me as a viable profession. But once the idea had struck – before I’d ever so much as held a DSLR – I realised immediately what a perfect fit it would be for me. It was my calling, for want of a better cliche, and I knew it.

The original plan was to become a sports photographer, with a focus on combat sports in particular. And whilst I’ll never deny the thrill of capturing peak action (a thrill I still get each time I nail an exciting action shot!), I quickly began broadening my horizons and shooting functions and other events, which is where I truly feel I belong. Its where I get to 'do my thing', for want of a better cliche.

To me, photography is so much more than just clicking a button on a fancy camera. It’s a way of life. A way of viewing the world and using my eyes to appreciate, frame and capture everything and anything I find interesting around me. Since taking photography seriously, the way I approach my day-to-day life has changed.

I feel my job also suits my personality to a tee. I don’t like being the centre-of-attention, and am more than content being the observer rather than the observed. Added to which, I feel I am at times hyper-sensitive to other people’s emotions and body language, which in turn allows me to better anticipate and capture all those intimate moments that happen between people.

I believe its really for a photographer's customers to define his/her style, but if pushed I guess I'd (somewhat immodestly) describe my style of photography as exciting, vibrant, creative and modern, with a strong sense for timing, emotion and composition.

I love using dramatic lighting to help create impact in my pictures, and like to think I am known for a high contrast, punchy, dramatic style of imagery.

I like the colours in my pictures to have the full richness of life without being too overpowering, and whilst I also love the timeless effect turning a picture into blackand-white can have, I’m not the kind of photographer who believes it suits every single picture.

I like to think my use of light is a key feature of my work, using it to help shape and craft my images, and adding dimension and depth to the scenes I capture. I am always on the look-out for the best and/or most dramatic light possible (which I believe may not always be immediately obvious to others), and will readily go above and beyond to utilize it for the sake of a better photograph.

I don’t believe in awkward posing of any kind, although I will offer a bit of direction on the very odd occasion if I think it will help make an even stronger image. Ultimately, its just you enjoying yourselves with all your friends and family that I want to capture, and I have no intention of ever getting in the way of that.

In terms of my modus operandi, I very much like to fade into the background as much as humanly possible, and just capture events as they naturally unfold (where possible, with a rather big lens that allows me to stand far back, well out of the way!). I believe its the only way to capture the real, raw emotions we all experience, and if I am barely noticed at all, I consider that a good thing. The one time I do like to get in the thick of the action, however, is on the dancefloor, as I believe it’s the only real way to properly pick up on - and capture - the atmosphere.

But really, its best for you to assess my style of photography for yourselves, so feel free to visit my Jewish weddings, civil weddings and bar/batmitzvah portfolios.

If this all sounds like the way it should be to you, just use this CONTACT FORM to get in touch and check availability, or call me on 07814 526 220