Emma & Ben's Wedding - Whitefield, Manchester

I have seen many unusual things whilst working as a photographer, but being greeted at Emma and Ben’s wedding by an alpaca donning a red bowtie was, admittedly, a first for me.

But it made sense in the context of the wedding itself, which took place on the bride’s parents’ farm….an awesome setting, matched beautifully by the exquisite venue-dressing skills of Qube Events and Productions (I absolutely loved all the rustic, vintage furniture and ornaments that adorned the reception marquee!).

I had actually met Ben and Emma several months earlier, when I photographed them at their engagement party, and I already knew they were a relaxed, easy-going, genuinely fun couple.

So it was fitting that all their guests appeared the same way, and I was actually blown away by the atmosphere the entire day and night, with the party being one of the most fun I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing!

In fact, when I consider all the planning and care and attention that goes in to making such a day, I can only imagine just how satisfying it must feel to have everything go so perfectly.

And as beautiful as the ceremony was, it was when the happy couple hit the dancefloor that things took off to a whole new level!

To say some of the action was high-flying would be quite the understatement….the air-time Ben was able to get when being thrown up on a sheet was not just impressive of itself, but that he chose to take the opportunity to actually pose and show off some aerial acrobats whilst being thrown upwards of about 15 feet in the air, really was quite a sight.

And its one thing to start off full of excitement and enthusiasm, but for that to not only be maintained throughout the night, but to somehow actually grow, is just a testament to what a great night it really was.

I also have to mention The Function Band, who were brilliant the entire evening, mixing in with the guests at times and making sure the dancefloor wasn’t just permanently full, but permanently rocking too.

I was about to put that I can only offer the happy couple another huge, huge congratulations, but technically that’s not true, as I have my pictures too…..here is but a selection:

(ps Another huge, huge congrats to the happy couple….awesome all round!)


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