Rob Clayton Photography - 2017 Bar-Batmitzvah Photography Highlights

A couple of months ago I photographed several grown men dressed as Peter Pan delivering a barmitzvah speech. It’s been one of those years, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

From the early-morning call-ups to the wild parties of the night, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing lots of great functions in 2017.

I struggle to tell whether its just my perception that has changed, or traditions themselves, but I'm sure such parties were never quite so fun when I was younger!

And as always, I’ve thrived on capturing all the action, the atmosphere, the excitement and the emotions of such events, and am always pushing myself to create even better art for my clients.

But as a photographer I naturally think visuals are better than verbals, so without further ado, I’m delighted to present to you my 2017 bar-batmitzvah photography highlight reel (ps see if you can spot me in one of the most subtle of 'selfies'):