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Oliver & Tamsin's Wedding - The Montcalm at The Brewery, London

Oliver & Tamsin's Wedding - The Montcalm at The Brewery, London

Oliver and Tamsin celebrated their action-packed wedding at The Montcalm at The Brewery, London, and what an unbelievable evening it was for me to capture, photographically speaking.
When I first started taking my photography more seriously many years ago, it was with the intention of becoming a sports photography. There was something about capturing action at its peak that always excited me, and I quickly realised that I could patiently wait a lot longer than most to try to capture the perfect shot. Indeed, very early on in my career I would photograph football matches, where I could wait the full 90-minutes primed for any action to occur in front of me. And more often than not, when something of note did happen, it would do so in a quick burst, meaning that I'd have to be ready to shoot it.
Which brings me to this picture of Oliver performing his very best Superman impression on the dancefloor of his wedding reception(and quite an impressive impression it is!!). For the majority of the wedding day, I like to stand well back in the background and capture all the on-goings with a rather large (and heavy!) lens. But on the dance floor, there is only one way to capture the action, the atmosphere and the energy, and that is by getting into the thick of it.
For those that have never seen one before, a Jewish wedding dance floor can be quite an experience! At Oliver and Tamsin's, it was fast-paced, frenetic, and a whole lot of fun, with Oliver being thrown several feet in the air on more than one occasion. And for my part, I am in my element, still trying to photograph action at its peak moments, albeit of a different kind of action.