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Jonathan & Sanaz's Wedding - Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel, London

Jonathan & Sanaz's Wedding - Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel, London

This 'flowing veil' image was taken during the 5-minute period of relative calm, in the middle of a truly action-packed wedding!
Jonathan and Sanaz were married at the famous Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel in London with one of the best atmospheres I've ever experienced at such a celebration. An atmosphere can so often make the different between a good party and a great one, and to have it turn out so electric must really be the most rewarding feeling for the happy couple.
This picture in particular was actually taken over the road in Green Park, after the happy couple's beautiful wedding ceremony was completed and the formal family pictures were done. And photographing this bride and groom was easy! There are certain things I always aim to capture in my photographs - love, emotion, moments, etc - and with Jonathan and Sanaz those moments were happening all the time....all I had to do was hold my camera to my eye and press my shutter button. Well, almost all I had to do. There was a lot of running around on my part too. And framing, always careful framing. And settings, gotta always be checking and adjusting my settings as I'm going. But apart from that, all I had to do was press the shutter. Ahem.
One thing wedding photographers around the world long for is a flowing veil. We have been known to lay awake at night, mentally visualising the perfect gust of wind so we can capture the action in all its dramatic glory. And I would argue, for good reason! What more recognisable symbol of a wedding day could there be than an in-love bride and groom embracing with a veil filling the frame?