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Guests having fun at Mark & Alex's Wedding - Styal Lodge Wedding Venue, Cheshire

Guests having fun at Mark & Alex's Wedding - Styal Lodge Wedding Venue, Cheshire

Who doesn't like a nice vibrant dancefloor??
For most of the wedding day, I'll capture events using a long lens and by standing well back. This allows me to be as discreet as possible, while still photographing all the goings-on during a typical wedding celebration. There are several reasons for this, not least of all is that it allows me to capture real interactions and emotions exactly as they're happening, without the subjects becoming conscious of the fact that they're having their picture taken. This, in turn, leads to more 'real' pictures that more accurately represent the big day.
But the one time where I'll put my long lens in my camera bag and just get in the thick of it is on the dancefloor. I do so because I truly believe that the only way to truly capture and represent all the action, the dancing, the jumping, etc, is to be right in the eye of the storm. Fortunately, because so much is going on, with such loud music, that I don't think anyone really cares about my being there right in front of them, especially as its only ever for a fleeting moment before I move on to my next picture.
This photograph in particular is of Ben and Hannah, two of my younger brother's oldest and closest friends, taken at my brother's wedding to my now-sister-in-law. There is something particularly helpful about hair when trying to convey movement in an image, and the flow of Hannah's here really makes the photograph I feel.
Shout out also to my beautiful little girl, who at the grand old age of one-and-a-half made for the cutest bridesmaid ever! No bias here of course....ahem