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Sadie's Batmitzvah - Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester

Sadie's Batmitzvah - Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester

Sadie celebrated her batmitzvah with an awesome party at her home. And by 'awesome', I mean non-stop action, lots of dancing, great music and just a whole lot of fun.
I actually spent an hour with the family on the Friday before the Sabbath was brought in with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony, snapping a few family photographs and capturing a few more candid moments. I then returned to the family's home on the Saturday once the Sabbath had ended to shoot the festivities. And I have to say, I really hit the ground running that evening...from the minute I pulled out my camera and attached my lens, the music started pumping and I thrust myself into the centre of a jam-packed dancefloor. As seems to be my more recent habit, I did end up head-butting my camera on more than one occasion. But its worth it to get exciting shots for my clients.
However, it was the following day that I looked out my window and saw the clear blue skies and the sun blazing. Knowing the family wanted me to do an additional portrait session at some point, I quickly got in touch with them and managed to convince Sadie's parents to let me take her to Heaton Park to take advantage of the perfect lighting conditions.
Actually, to be more accurate, we were just outside the park, where I happened to have spotted earlier in the day a few bushes in full pink bloom. Such a gift from nature would've been rude to ignore.
We spent some time taking advantage of the blossoms, capturing lots of floral-themed portraits, before I spotted a gap in the trees where the sunlight was streaming through. A quick change of angle, and this silhouette was the resulting image.
As a photographer, all sorts of little things can please me in an image. In this one in particular, its the little flick of hair caught in the breeze.....