Rob Clayton Photography | Stage 80's 'Oliver!' - Sale Waterside Theatre, Manchester

Stage 80's 'Oliver!' - Sale Waterside Theatre, Manchester

Its no secret that I like musical theatre, and can’t deny that I enjoy some shows more than others.

But one that I will always hold a special affection for is Oliver!.

It was the very first show I ever saw, when I was around 7 or 8-years-old, and I went because my best friend’s brother was playing the lead. And it was the perfect introduction to the theatre.

So now, whenever I hear the music (which I love!), I am instantly transported back to that time in my life (when life seemed so simple, etc….sigh).

Anyroad, all this brings me to last week, when I came full circle and got to photograph Stage 80’s latest stunning triumph, a brilliantly produced take on the Charles Dickens tale of Oliver Twist.

As always with such a production, it is a team effort, and without every chink in the chain playing their part – from the costumes and make-up, to the scenery, the directing, the staging and choreography, the backstage crew keeping things running smoothly, and of course the actors – things would quickly unravel.

But the rave reviews the show has since garnered were more than well deserved.

I hate singling out individual performances (even though I end up doing it every time!), but it would be positively criminal of me to not at least mention little Jaxon, who confidently took the lead with a performance that exuded innocence and vulnerability, forcing the audience to really care about the character and his fate.

As for me, I couldn’t have been more content humming along to all the songs as I ran from side to side, taking my pictures….if only a soundtrack could accompany me to every job!

Anyroad, below is a selection of personal favourites from the show.


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