Rob Clayton Photography | Alice & Hugh's Wedding - St Mary The Virgin Church, Oxfordshire

Alice & Hugh's Wedding - St Mary The Virgin Church, Oxfordshire

Alice and Hugh celebrated their wedding recently in Oxfordshire, and there’s so much I want to say, I genuinely don’t know where to start!

So I’ll start at the very start, some time late last year, when Alice and Hugh inexplicably landed on my website while searching for Oxfordshire-based photographers….I’m not quite sure how that happened, actually being based in Manchester, but it’s a happy mystery if ever there was one.

The day itself started, as always, at the bridal prep, where the particularly laid-back and relaxed atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the day.

Alice herself has ties to Scotland, so a Scottish thistle was uniquey placed in the centre of her bouque, and its just such details, the ones that have had real thought put in to them and that really mean something, that I like to photograph.

Speaking of flowers, a special mention must go to Flower Thyme in Kineton, who provided some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers I’ve seen at a wedding, several of which I believe the owner personally grew in her own allotment.

After a beautiful ceremony at St Mary The Virgin Church, everyone made their way to a field where the Cheltenham Yurt Company had set up the coolest (although admittedly, only) yurt I’ve ever seen.

With bales of hay for people to sit on while they enjoyed their bocadillos and other assorted appetizers, and various games strewn around the field, it was quite obvious this was to be a completely different wedding to my norm…..and different in the best possible way.

I also feel I have to mention just how warm and friendly everyone was….although I didn’t (and never would), I felt like I could have put my camera down for an hour or two and have just passed the time in good company as an honorary guest.

And as for the entertainment in the evening, it truly was a different level.

Starting things off with a bang (and a period….don’t ask!) were ‘Oh My God, It’s the Church’, the most x-rated gospel-rock-choir group I’ve ever seen or heard. And they were brilliant…..genuinely hilarious, whilst producing great music that got everyone moving.

And they were followed by Leatherat, a local Oxfordshire-based rock group whom Hugh used to drum for (despite his protestations, it seemed pretty much inevitable he’d rock out at least one tune, to the delight of those in attendance!). But as a group, they were awesome, and clearly a favourite with the local crowd, who were all belting out their tunes along with them.

All in all, it was an amazing wedding, and I can’t offer Hugh and Alice enough congratulations….the perfect start to their future life together!


Florist - Flower Thyme in Kineton

Yurt - Cheltenham Yurt Company

Band 1 – Oh My God, It’s the Church

Band 2 - Leatherat


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