Rob Clayton Photography | Lewis Batmitzvah - Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Lewis Batmitzvah - Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Abi celebrated her batmitzvah with a party to remember at the Radisson Blu by Manchester airport.

On my way in to the hotel, I noticed a tunnel connecting the hotel to the airport (I think?), and immediately knew I wanted to get Abi into it for a few quick portraits….fortunately, Abi was very obliging, and I think we got some cool end results (my own bias completely acknowledged, of course).

The evening itself went perfectly, with funny speaches, warm guests and just a lot of fun had by all.

And Abi’s dad, Jeff, upheld his tradition of performing a song at all their family functions….much to his poor daughter’s displeasure (but to the hilarity of everyone else!).

I'm sure he won't mind my saying he was slightly upstaged by The Notes, who really got the crowd going on the dance floor (as they always do….they've been awesome every time I've seen them!)

Here is a small selection of my images from the night….enjoy!



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