Rob Clayton Photography | Knight Barmitzvah - The Victoria & Albert Hotel, Manchester

Knight Barmitzvah - The Victoria & Albert Hotel, Manchester

Jadon celebrated his barmitzvah with an awesome party at the Victoria and Albert Hotel.

I had actually been recommended for Jadon’s barmitzvah by an unlikely source…..his younger sister, who had been in attendance when I had given a little photography presentation to a local girl guides group.

And I’m really glad she did, because the party was a lot of fun, with such warm and relaxed hosts, great music, and a serious amount of dancing.

I can only imagine how rewarding it must feel after all the planning that goes in to such an event, to have everything go so perfectly to plan.

All in all, a hugely successful night, and I can’t offer a big enough congratulations to the whole Knight family!

Here is but a selection of images from the night:


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