Aviva & Jake's Wedding - The Midland Hotel, Manchester

Aviva and Jake celebrated their beautiful wedding at Manchester’s famous Midland Hotel.

I have actually had connections with Aviva’s family for some years now, having worked alongside her mum at various points in the past (even photographing her hilarious little routine on-stage at The Comedy Store a while back!). In fact, I had to do a little digging on my phone, but found this picture of myself and Joyce that we took at the end of our meeting to discuss my possibly shooting Aviva’s wedding. It’s a definite keeper!!

On top of all that, I also photographed Aviva’s sister’s wedding last year, so I almost feel like part of the furniture now, as the Artful one may say.

My day started as always at the bridal prep, which all took place in Aviva’s parents’ apartment. From my point of view, I always want my pictures to be an accurate and fair reflection of the wedding day unfolding in front of me, and with so much light in the apartment, that’s how I wanted my pictures to feel at this stage (whether I achieved that or not is for others to decide!).

Special mention also to Aviva’s super-cute little nephew, who found a great game hiding lego pieces in unusual places. Looked fun!

Then it was off to catch the end of Jake's groom prep, before making our way to the city centre, to one of my favourite Manchester hotels to shoot in (and around!), where I caught up with Jake and his side of the family, themselves equally warm and welcoming.

And from the moment the singing started in the tisch, followed by the walk full of spirit to the bedeken room, the atmosphere never let up all the way through the day and night.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, and before we knew it we were stood under the arches by the Central Library (a favourite location of mine), taking a few snaps of the newlyweds.

The evening party lived up to expectation and then some, with so much going on at all times that I really had to stay on my toes. The dancefloor was positively bouncing (and swinging, and jumping, and all the rest), the speaches both amusing and meaningful, and all in all everyone just had a truly unbelievable time.

So here for your viewing pleasure is a selection of my images from the big day.

Another huge, huge mazal tov to the happy couple!!