Rob Clayton Photography | Rob Clayton Photography - 2017 Wedding Photography Highlights

Rob Clayton Photography - 2017 Wedding Photography Highlights

Choosing just a selection of highlights for this here blog entry was not an easy task. In truth, I feel I could’ve created another ten highlight blog entries without any noticeable drop-off in quality, but for any number of reasons – some obvious, some less so – these are the images that have personally stood out to me the most.

2017 has been an amazing professional year for me, seeing me traveling up and down the country photographing beautiful weddings and awesome couples in so many stunning locations.

I’ve met lots of people along the year, both in the industry and out, and its been great to get reacquainted with some old faces. I have also worked alongside some awesome photographers again this year, who have inspired me probably more than they realize, and hope to continue building on those working relationships.

In terms of my own images, I feel my development from the previous year has continued through this last. I am always trying to improve every aspect of my photographs, from the timing, to the lighting, to the composition, and feel as creative, inspired and motivated today as the day I started on my photographic path some 8 or 9 years ago.

I love photographing weddings. I love capturing the huge range of emotions everyone feels on their big day, all the drama that goes with it, and of course, all the action, whether it’s the big walk down the aisle, the mascara being retouched during dinner, or the bride and groom being thrown several feet in the air on a (presumably reinforced??) tablecloth. Its my job to capture it all, and I positively thrive in doing so.

So without further ado, allow me to present to you my 2017 wedding photography highlights: