Rob Clayton Photography | Ben & Karen's Civil Wedding Ceremony - The Ritz, London

Ben & Karen's Civil Wedding Ceremony - The Ritz, London

I had the privilege of photographing Ben and Karen’s beautiful civil ceremony at the famous The Ritz Hotel, London.

Ben is actually one of my younger brother’s oldest friends, so I have known him for many years, and although it was the first time I properly got to meet Karen, its quite obvious that they were meant to be.

As a photographer, I face all sorts of different scenarios, some of them more challenging than others. If needs be, I am happy to offer direction where necessary to get the best pictures I think possible, but if events and emotions happen naturally without any prompting, then all the better.

Ben and Karen were perfect examples of the latter.

As for the venue, needless to say it is rather splendid, and we managed to find the William Kent Room, which the Ritz’s website describes as ‘the most opulent of all our banquet rooms’….it wasn’t hard to see why, and it would’ve frankly been rude if we hadn’t snuck in for a couple of quick pictures. So we did.

All in all, it was a perfect day, and a huge congrats to the happy couple!


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