Rob Clayton Photography | Goldblatt Barmitzvah - The Hilton Suite, Prestwich, Manchester

Goldblatt Barmitzvah - The Hilton Suite, Prestwich, Manchester

I made the (wise) decision early on in the evening not to embarrass myself on the strongman high striker in the reception, and with so much going on, its probably a good thing I didn’t.

Now, I have photographed countless barmitzvahs over the years, but I have to admit, when Joey was called into the main room, I was a confused man.

The words ‘Its time!’ probably don’t mean much to most others, but it’s a phrase I hear often. And it usually signals the start of something exciting. So, much like Pavlov’s dog, my adrenaline started pumping immediately, almost like a reflex action.

Those who know me know I have a soft spot for MMA. And the most famous voice in MMA is Bruce Buffer’s, the UFC’s fight announcer. And that was exactly who was announcing Joey into the room, with a personalized intro from the Voice of the Octagon himself. To put it mildly, I was impressed.

Fortunately, the action that immediately followed was also fast-paced, energetic and a lot of fun.

Indeed, considering it was held on a school night (yes, in my mid-30’s weekdays are still referred to as school nights), the atmosphere really was quite unbelievable, and didn’t let up at all until the very end.

A huge congrats to Joey and all the family.

And here for your viewing pleasure is just a selection of images from the evening:



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