Rob Clayton Photography | Salomon Barmitzvah - Hilton Suite, Prestwich, Manchester

Salomon Barmitzvah - Hilton Suite, Prestwich, Manchester

I have been photographing barmitzvah parties since 2010, and have covered countless since then. But there was something a bit different - a bit special - about Shuey’s barmitzvah, which I’ve struggled a bit to definitively put my finger on.

Held at the Hilton Suite in Prestwich, I’m not sure whether it was the warmth of the guests to their hosts, the sing-a-longs that everyone joined in with, or just the atmosphere in general, but whatever it was, it made for a truly exceptional evening.

And when you consider it was a school night too, the energy levels on the dancefloor were quite a challenge to keep up with (a challenge I happily accepted, of course!).

And there haven’t been too many barmitzvahs that I have shot at where the guests get to toast their own marshmallows on the dancefloor! I have to admit, the smell of tasted marshmallows takes me right back to my teenage years (sigh), whether it was on Habonim summer camps, or over a fire at the back of a friend’s garden….great times.

Anyroad, my wistful nostalgia aside for a moment, I'd like to offer another huge, huge mazal tov to all the Salomons.

And now I am delighted to present to you but a selection of images from the night:


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