Debbie & Robert's Wedding - The Midland Hotel, Manchester

There are times when an atmosphere is so palpable that you can practically feel it in a physical sense.

And so it was at Rob and Debbie’s awesome wedding, where the atmosphere was so tangible that I actually said to the happy couple immediately after their ceremony that it felt like their friends were just waiting to hit the dancefloor and be let off their leashes. And so it was.

Held at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, my day started early, photographing Debbie during her relaxed bridal prep in the spacious Midland suite, before joining Rob and his best men for their respective preps.

I have photographed many weddings at the Midland Hotel, and do consider it a favourite, not just for its beautiful décor, but also for the numerous picturesque settings right outside the hotel.

In fact, after their beautiful ceremony, we took advantage of those very settings, and even managed to find the sun peaking through the pillars, pleasing me no end.

And then it was on to the mayhem of the dancefloor. If I do no other exercise all week, I feel the 20 minutes or so before dinner was served – trying to keep up with so much going on around me – was enough to keep me (relatively) fit for at least another week or so.

But really, its these action-packed times I like to think I thrive in, and really try to pick up on the vibrancy, the atmosphere, the joy, the release and the excitement in my pictures.

Special mention also to Creation Musical Services, who absolutely rocked the place in a manner truly fitting such a great crowd.

All in all, it was a perfect day, from start to finish, and I can’t offer the newlyweds a big enough congratulations!


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