Deborah & Eli's Wedding - Worsley Marriott Hotel, Worsley

I love my job, and getting to photograph such beautiful and fun weddings as Deborah and Eli’s is one of the main reasons I do so.

Held at the Worsley Marriott – a hotel I have been to previously for both professional and leisurely purposes – the entire day couldn’t have gone more perfectly, from the glorious weather for the outdoor ceremony, to the pumping dancefloor at the end of the night, and everything in between.

From my angle as the photographer, the bridal prep always feels like the calm before the storm, and so it did at Deborah’s, which seemed particularly laid-back and relaxed, and really set the tone for the day ahead.

The lush grounds of the hotel, and the accompanying golf course, sure makes for a plethora of picture opportunities (sorry, always wanted to use that adjective, but its used well I feel!), and I think it would’ve been wasteful not to take advantage, particularly with the accompaniment of such beautiful weather as well.

I feel I should also say how much I love outdoor weddings!

From my point of view, there just feels there’s so much more freedom to move around without disturbing anyone, and almost invariably more angles for me to explore.

And when I’m having such fun shooting, the time flies and before I knew it, the ceremony was over and we were on to the family pictures, before then heading off inside where the serious business of parting truly started.

I had been told before the wedding that the groom, Eli, was of a more reserved nature, and as that’s pretty much exactly how I’d describe myself, I was somewhat surprised to see him (metaphorically) hit the dancefloor pretty darn hard. Especially once the trance music came on. I was assured by Deborah that he was just in his element, but even so, an impressively energetic showing nonetheless!

The speeches themselves were both sweet and funny, and the guests warm and welcoming the entire day and night.

All in all, it really was a perfect day for a perfect couple!