Rob Clayton Photography | Cohen Barmitzvah - Holy Law Hebrew Congregation, Prestwich

Cohen Barmitzvah - Holy Law Hebrew Congregation, Prestwich

As much as I love new customers, so too I love repeat clients.

Apart from the acknowledgment that the first job must’ve been a success to some degree or other, I also get to approach the work already knowing the people that I’ll be photographing, adding another level of enjoyment for me personally.

And so it was at Sholly’s barmitzvah, having previously photographed his brother’s a couple of years ago, and so I already knew I was in for a good night.

Due to the inclement weather conditions (or as its better known, traditional Manchester weather), we abandoned our plans for a family shoot in the park beforehand and settled on the Holy Law Hebrew Congregation instead, before making our way through to the main function hall for the celebrations to really begin.

Now, considering people were to be up the next morning at 7am for Sholly’s actual call-up, it really was impressive to see everyone singing and dancing until the very end of the evening.

Atmosphere’s can make a party, and at Sholly’s it was warm, relaxed and a lot of fun.

And true to form, Sholly didn’t let the previous night’s antics put him off his stride the following morning, with a perfect rendition of his piece.

Another huge mazal tov to Sholly and all the Cohen family!!