Levine Batmitzvah - The Hilton Suite, Prestwich

The Levines don’t do things by halves, that much I knew already.

So I wasn’t totally taken by surprise that they were able to transform an otherwise ordinary Sunday afternoon into the setting for Sophie’s awesome batmitzvah party, boasting not only a silent disco but a chocolate-making session to boot.

Held almost exactly a year to the day since the last Levine function I photographed – Sophie’s brother’s barmitzvah – Sophie’s batmitzvah saw me return to the same venue, the Hilton Suite, which was this time unrecognisable to how it had looked a year previously.

I have gotten to know the Levines and their group of friends shooting countless of their functions over the years, and the lovely warm atmosphere on Sophie’s day was nothing short of typical, and exactly as I have come to expect.

Silent discos are always fun affairs - watching a dance floor full of people boogy away without actually being able to hear what they’re boogying to is quite a surreal (and highly amusing!) experience.

And the chocolate-making was a first for me at a bar or batmitzvah….although the lush chocolaty aromas made it hard for me to properly concentrate on my pictures and not on my sweet tooth, I battled on regardless like the warrior I am. Ahem. Although I may have stolen a chocolate. But it was going spare. So I performed a public service really. Ahem, again.

Anyroad, without further ado, allow me to bring to you a selection of my images from the big day: