Shalom's Barmitzvah - Village Hotel, Bury

There’s nothing quite like starting the new year with a bang – or more specifically, a seriously cool barmitzvah party – which is exactly what we were treated to celebrating Shalom’s coming-of-age recently at the Village Hotel, Bury.

But before then, there was the small matter of Shalom’s call-up, which he handled with aplomb at the Vine Street Synagogue, followed by a family portrait session in Broughton Park.

But really, this was all just build-up to the main event, a huge party full of dancing, laughter, excitement and atmosphere.

I do love a bouncing dancefloor, and at Shalom’s it was never anything less than full, with so much action going on for me to capture that the evening just flew by.

So without further ado, allow me to present to you a selection of my images from the big barmitzvah weekend: