Tamara & Jake's Wedding - Willington Hall, Cheshire

What better way to celebrate the wedding of an awesome couple than with an awesome party in a tipi??

Which is exactly how Tamara and Jake tied the knot at Cheshire’s Willington Hall.

As always, my day started early, photographing Tamara during her bridal prep, before joining the groom for his prep with his fine groomsmen.

The weather struggled to make up its mind on this particular day, jeopardizing the possibility of an outdoor wedding on more than one occasion.

But with just minutes to go before their ceremony – and Debbie Marks and her team from Qube Events on-hand to quickly assemble a ceremony area at the entrance to the tipi – the skies cleared and the sun even made an appearance, gifting Tamara her wish of an outdoor service.

The sun remained in place while I took a few pictures of the happy couple as they went for a romantic walk on the grounds of Willington Hall, before everyone made their way into the tipis for a raucous and spirited round of Israeli dancing.

If I come off the dancefloor covered in sweat (mmmmm!), chances are its been a good’un, and at Tamara and Jake’s I was positively drenched.

Speeches are good times for me as a photographer, especially when the people making them get as good a reception as they did here, keeping the smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces.

And I often say how important an atmosphere can be, so it was a true testament to the warmth and spirit of everyone in attendance when an impromptu sing-a-long occurred after dinner, with everyone getting dutifully swept up in the fun.

A sparkler exit awaited the newlyweds later in the evening, as did the opportunity to toast their own marshmallows on a fire. Every wedding should have toasted marshmallows. There, I said it.

But it was no surprise at all to me that the dancefloor was still full and pumping come the end of the night - even grandma was still rocking it – and it was a fitting tribute to a beautiful couple.

Here is but a selection of my images from the big day: