Tilly's Batmitzvah - Hilton Suite, Manchester

Tilly celebrated her awesome batmitzvah in my old haunt, the Hilton Suite, Prestwich, with one of the most pumping dancefloors I’ve ever photographed.


I took the photographs at Tilly’s sister’s amazing batmitzvah party a couple of years ago, so knew I was going to be in for an action-packed evening.


And so it proved to be, from the moment the music kicked in, the dancefloor was bouncing, and it never let up the entire night.


Most of you won’t know, but amongst professional event photographers, Israeli-style dancing can be an intimidating prospect to have to capture, and many opt to stay safe on the outside and grab their shots from the comfort of distance.


But I love nothing more than getting stuck into the middle of the melee, capturing the excitement and expressions etched across all the faces spinning and jumping around me. If I have to take a few bumps along the way - and apparently I do - then so be it.


And at Tilly’s specifically, the fun everyone had was plain to see, and I defy anyone to look at my photographs from the night and conclude it was anything other than a truly quality party.


The theme of her batmitzvah weekend was ‘The Tree of Life’, so we planned to go out for a portrait shoot in keeping with said theme during the week after her celebrations.


Cue a lot of local research, and even visiting several sites in search of the perfect tree, before settling on the best thing about Prestwich…..Heaton Park.


Fortunately, with the lovely weather we’ve been experiencing recently, and Tilly’s and her parents’ willingness to wait for the sake of an even better picture, the natural light was perfect when we made it out and before long we had a set of pictures I hope she’ll be proud of for years to come.


So allow me to say another huge ‘mazal tov’ to Tilly and her family, and allow me to present to you a selection of images from her batmitzvah: