Deborah & Aaron's Wedding - The Midland Hotel, Manchester

Deborah and Aaron celebrated their amazing wedding at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

I’m fast losing track of how many weddings I’ve photographed at the Midland, one of Manchester’s premier hotels, and never tire of the ornate decorations inside the hotel, and the beautiful scenery that the centre of Manchester affords (thinking of you, sweet Central Library, and the adjacent arches).

As always, my day started early, snapping Deborah at her bridal prep, before joining Aaron and his ushers at their respective groom preparation.

Most (but not all) Jewish weddings have a ‘tisch’, where the men get together before the wedding ceremony for a drink – more often than not, whiskey – and a bit of sing-along, while the groom signs the ‘ketubah’ (the Jewish wedding register).

After which there is the ‘bedeken’, where the groom checks he has the correct bride – I’ve yet to see one where it wasn’t, but when I do, I’ll be there to capture the reactions! – and pulls the veil over the bride’s face.

At Deborah and Aaron’s wedding, the bedeken actually took place as Deborah made her way down the aisle, which seems to fast be becoming a popular, modern way of doing the traditional custom.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, and before we knew it we’d flown through the formal family pictures – I actually prefer the term ‘family history’ photographs – and we’d made our way over the road for a few quick shots outside Manchester Central Library, and the stone arches next to it in St Peters Square.

And then it was the dancing, and what dancing! Keeping up with all that was going on was a challenge (one I gladly accept, of course), from the skipping, to the spinning, to be hoisted several feet in the air on chairs….a lot of energy was expended, to say the least.

The speeches throughout the evening were both very funny, and at times touching, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere was evident for all.

But a wedding is a celebration, and as their friends and family danced with ythem into the night, I think its fair to say that Deborah and Aaron celebrated theirs in style.

Another huge, huge congrats to the happy couple.

And here is but a small selection of my images from the big day: