Q. Where are you based, and will you travel for a wedding/bar-batmitzvah?


A. I’m based in that gloriously sarcastic and rainy section of the north west of England known as Manchester. And yes, I love to travel, and love shooting in new venues and locations, with new scenes and settings to take advantage of, so will definitely be up for a trip to your function, be it in the UK or abroad.


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Wedding PortfolioWedding Portfolio

Q. How will we receive our images?


A. All your images will be uploaded into a hidden gallery on my website, to which only you would have the address. From there, you’ll be able to view them all and download the high resolution files, as well as order the finest quality prints and wall art. If you are ordering an album, you will also be able to make your image selections in the gallery, and just share your favourites with me once they’re ready.


Q. Can you supply an additional photographer?


A. The short answer is, yes, that’s not a problem at all. However, I actually don’t believe its necessary for every function, and indeed have covered the vast, vast majority of my weddings and bar/batmitzvahs as a solo shooter. So my best advice at this stage would be to have a quick chat with me about your day, and we can assess together whether a second shooter would be beneficial for you.


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Q. Are your pictures edited?


A. Yes, all my images are edited to achieve their full potential. However, in saying that, there can sometimes be some confusion as to what ‘editing’ actually entails, so I’ll try and explain…..editing involves making basic corrections to an image, be it cropping the image or adjusting a variety of sliders (such as exposure, contrast, saturation, etc). The image stays fundamentally the same, but how it is presented is changed. So removing objects or people from a picture would not be included, as this fundamentally changes the make-up of the picture itself….this is called photo manipulation, and is something altogether different from editing. I am able to offer photo manipulation as an additional service, and on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to speak to me more if you have any specific queries.

Q. Do you do lots of posed, looking-at-the-camera pictures?


A. No, I don’t. And I’ll explain why not. Have you ever been sat in a cinema, engrossed in a really exciting, engaging film, only to have the lead character stop and suddenly address the audience? If not, the effect is that you are immediately brought back to reality, aware that you are sat in a cinema full of other people, watching a fictional construct on the screen. The illusion of being lost in the narrative of the film is gone. And I believe it’s the same effect when you’re looking through a set of pictures….you can truly get lost in all the wonderful natural moments that are photographed, but then when you come across an image of people looking at the camera and forcing a smile, it looks very….well….forced!


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Q. Will you get in the way??


A. I certainly hope not! Its my job to document the day, not to orchestrate it, and that means blending in and becoming as close to invisible as I can be. It’s the natural moments between you and your family and friends that I want to capture, and I can’t do that if I'm constantly 'in your face' and you’re always aware that I’m taking pictures. Fortunately, a long lense allows me to stay out of the way for the most part, and I can go about taking my photographs without interrupting your fun.


Q. Can we share our pictures with family and friends?


A. Absolutely….I’d actively encourage you to! All my collections come with full licence to print and share the pictures until your heart’s content.


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Q. Can you provide prints/wall art/coffee table photo books?


A. Yes, all these items can be ordered directly through my website, with the dual advantage of making life exceptionally easy for you, and guaranteeing you the absolute finest quality products on the market